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Buttaboxx is a movement first and monthly e-commerce (discovery) subscription box second. Birthed with black and brown women at its heart centre, ButtaBoxx aims to educate, inspire and empower.


Our Story

Buttaboxx is a beauty and wellness subscription box packed with love and goodness. Birthed with women of colour at its core, ButtaBoxx is finally listening to women whose skincare and beauty needs are constantly overlooked. As you may know, many of the mainstream over-the-counter cosmetics are typically laden with harmful and toxic ingredients which can have long term detrimental effects on women’s health. We’re on a mission to change this narrative.

We realise that women with darker skin tones have a unique set of skincare needs that require special care. Our aim is to work collectively with dedicated and passionate founders, aestheticians and alchemists; brands who have vested interest in the health and wellbeing of women of colour and have created authentic, safe and ethical products to reflect this.

We are specifically interested in helping women make better choices when it comes to skincare and beauty, therefore, we aim to include only the finest holistic products in our boxes. On a side note, we love products that are rooted in cultural and historic traditions!

The promise to our customers is that each bottle, tube or tub that they receive via our lovingly curated boxes, are packed with rich nutrients and loving goodness.

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